I help people create beauty in their homes and offices by creating individual, one-off handcrafted bespoke artworks, made with beeswax, an ancient, fascinating art form dating back 2,000 years.

Every original piece is unique, there will never be two exactly the same.

Occasionally I will release works as small runs of Limited Edition Prints, no more than 50, so by buying my art, you will be confident that you’re not going to find the same piece in a hundred other galleries across the land.

I want you to feel a connection to my art.  Knowing you are buying a one-off unique piece, that won’t be found in a mass produced soulless market.

The favourite line to hear is: “I HAD to have it… It just SPOKE to me…!”

That personal connection I get from hearing those words are why I do what I do.  I want people to get the ‘tingles’ each time they see my work, and for them to have that feeling hanging on their homes and offices.

I understand buying art can be confusing though… How to buy?  How to frame? Will it work?   Why is that picture that price, and that one that price…?  It can all get a bit overwhelming.

I am always happy to talk you through that and help you find your perfect piece.

I often find galleries quite intimidating, some are wonderful and welcoming, but others, I feel as if I shouldn’t be in there at all, let alone ask for more information!  If you have experienced that, that’s where I can help.

People often send me a photograph of the wall they want to decorate, along with a budget, from there, I’ll point them in a direction I think would work, and we work together to find a good fit.

There are cost differences in my art that are dependent upon the type of wax and pigments used, the depth of the wax applied, and support type, which is not always apparent from initial photographs, so if you’re unsure, please do ask.



Original Encaustic Wax Portraits and Limited Edition Prints. Using techniques and styles dating back 2,000 years. These are my modern twist on the Fayum Mummy Portrait techniques, using highest grade quality waxes and pigments.

Sweet Peas


Original Encaustic Wax Abstract pieces painted with Arts Encaustic Waxes, on specialist Encaustic Paper up to A1 in size and need to be framed, preferably with a double mount.  Every one is unique, and painted using tools such as irons, hotplates, and heat guns. 

Wax & Dammar Abstract Art


Original Encaustic Wax Abstract pieces painted with premium quality beeswax and dammar resin, on rigid surfaces, usually ready to hang.  Each one is unique, the wax is painted on with a paintbrush, then fused in layers with a blow torch or heat gun.



A special few pictures become Limited Edition prints, up to a maximum of 50.  They are printed to order, hand signed and numbered by Julie Ann, then delivered to your door, ensuring they still receive that personal touch.



Look back through the archives, and see some of my sold items of work for some added inspiration.  It’s often a bittersweet process, I’m happy they are going to their forever homes, but also a little sorry to see them go!

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