Easter and Encaustic…

 In Encaustic Wax, Julie Anns Gallery

Did you know that the earliest encaustic pieces, date back to around 6BC?

Here is a picture of the earliest known Christ Pantocrator icon…


Painted in encaustic techniques on wooden panel, it resides in Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Egypt.

It is suggested that the two different facial expressions on either side of Jesus’ face, emphasize Christ’s two natures, as both fully God and fully human.

At some point soon, I hope to study these early encaustic icons, and mummy panels.   I’m intrigued to find out more about the techniques they used back then.  (Crikey, I need to get out more!!)

You can learn more about Pantocrator’s, and encaustic use here. 

I hope you’re enjoying a restful and renewing Easter break.

Julie. x

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