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A friend shared an article from Forbes with me recently on ‘Leadership in a Time of Crisis…’


The writer, Rasmus Hougaard, advises businesses and corporations on ways to manage their companies, and this article is written in relation to the Covid crisis.


The interesting aspect for me, is that he likens this current time to beeswax…!

“There is an image that repeatedly comes to my mind as I contemplate the opportunities in front of us right now: the image of beeswax. A piece of beeswax, under normal circumstances and temperatures, is hard, brittle and very difficult to mould and shape. However, when the beeswax is heated, it becomes soft and mouldable and can be shaped into many different forms.”



A time of opportunity to pivot, mould and create new opportunities…

“The heat of a crisis creates a burning platform, propelling organizations and individuals to make the pivots and changes that seemed too hard or overwhelming during normal times. And, if we seize the opportunity to make these changes while the wax is pliable and mouldable, we are in luck.”




He goes on with a reminder to look at the new reality with a beginner’s mind…

The famous Zen master Shunryu Suzuki once said, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” By this he meant that if we view ourselves as the experts of our business who know how everything should be done, we are limiting ourselves to very few opportunities. When the world is in crisis, many things change, and many opportunities arise. But to see these opportunities, we must let go of our expert-attitude and look at the new reality with a beginner’s mind. We must wake up every day with fresh eyes and truly discern what is different than yesterday.”



I loved this analogy and the understanding of beeswax, that it’s pliable, and mouldable, just like us, and our businesses.

You can read the full article here.


So many things have changed during this time…


How has your business changed?  Have you had to have a big pivot?


I thought I would share, it made for an interesting read, and perhaps consider some beeswax art on your walls, to remind you to keep a ‘beginners mind’…!


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