Why wax?

I love all kinds of art, but wax to me is really special, therapeutic, and tactile.   I love seeing peoples’ reactions when they use wax, and experience those sensations for the first time.   I really want to share that with people.    There are not many encaustic wax artists in the UK.   It’s very popular in the States, Canada and Australia, and is slowly becoming more well known over here, supplies are slowly becoming more available.   My aim is to help encaustic become better known over here as it is such a special medium to work with.

I know nothing about wax, but would like to have a go, where do you recommend I start?

I would normally recommend starting with the Arts Encaustic range of products, learn how to manouvre and manipulate the wax on a smaller scale with an iron and stylus.    Once you have mastered working in this style, you can scale it up working on larger sized pieces, and by using a hot air gun and hotplate.   The techniques and tools you use with the Arts Encaustic range is totally transferable into the R&F wax medium, it is often a natural progression from one style to another.

I am interested in using wax in a really creative way, what do you recommend?

The R&F style of wax is as limitless as your imagination, you start with a raw beeswax and pigment it yourself, which you can do in a number of different ways, with powdered pigments, oil paints, pigment sticks, coloured papers, you can build layers, scratch out, add embelishments, mixed media and photographs, pour it, drizzle it, paint it, this is an incredibly creative way of using wax and there are endless projects we could work on.   Recommended for anybody who likes a bit of adventure in their art!

I would like to use the R&F style of wax, what equipment will I need?

You will need a hot air gun, and a hotplate, or some form of heating your raw beeswax.   You do not need the iron, or stylus, although they can be useful.   Students normally share my equipment initially, whilst they work out what works best for them.   A hot air gun, or fusing tool however, is essential for this style of work.   There are some important health and safety considerations with this medium, and understanding of different supports and melting points, so I recommend a full beginners introduction before beginning with this medium.

Who are these workshops suitable for?

Wax workshops are great for boys, girls, men and ladies, of any age, from teenagers, through to 99 and beyond!

Do I need to be ‘arty’ to attend a class?

Not necessarily.   Anyone can have a go at working with wax, it is suitable for complete beginners through to the professional artist.   Wax is a very tactile and satisfying medium to work with.   Anyone at any artistic level can enjoy the fluidity and smooth application of wax, working on a very small scale for beginners, up to large scales for the more adventurous.

I’d like to attend a workshop, how do I book?

Workshops hosted by me are bookable through the Workshops Page.

Workshops hosted at outside venues normally handle the bookings, please check their website for details, and ask if you have any questions.

If I’m doing an all day workshop, what do I do about lunch?

Most people bring a packed lunch, to pack in as much creative time as possible!     However, there are local shops and cafes a short drive away, or 10-15 minute walk.

Tea, coffee, and light refreshments will be supplied throughout the day.


I’m coming to a workshop, how do I get to your studio?

Directions to the studio can be found here. However, please double check the workshop address details via your booking confirmation as occasionally workshops are hosted at alternative venues.

I’m coming to a workshop, what should I wear…?

Wax can be tricky to get off your clothes and shoes, so don’t wear anything new, or favourite clothes.   The arts encaustic range is not a particularly messy medium, but splashes of wax do happen.   You can bring an apron if you like, but not essential.   The R&F style is a bit more involved depending on how we are colouring the wax.   I like to wear an apron, or overalls when working in this style!

I’d like to do a workshop with a group of friends is that possible?

Yes, absolutely!  Best place is to head to the ‘Fun Prosecco Nights’ page, under the ‘SHOP / LEARN ENCAUSTIC’ tab.   Lots more info there.  Great idea for special birthdays, and creative treat days.   If you’re not sure, or want to clarify anything, please do get in touch.

Will you travel to us?

Due to my workload, I’m not currently taking bookings for external workshops and demonstrations, although I have in the past, and nothing is impossible, so feel free to ask!

Fees would be charged on a case by case basis, depending on content, numbers and distance.

I need to order wax products and equipment, how do I do that?

Go to the ‘Buy Wax Supplies’ page.

I am in the process of uploading the full ranges of Arts Encaustic, R&F, Ampersand Encausticbord, and PanPastel products on there.  But this will be a gradual roll out, so please bear with me whilst this is fully populated.  Feel free to contact me for items not yet on the site, chances are I have them in stock, or can get them for you.

Payment must be made in full for all equipment at the time of order.   I hold a reasonable supply of equipment and wax at my studio, and can order additional products for you, these will not be ordered until cleared funds have been received.

I sometimes have open days where you can drop in, say hi, and buy artwork and wax supplies direct; follow me on Facebook, sign up for my newsletter, or contact me, to find out when my next open days are.

What payment methods do you take?

Orders processed through the Arty Heaven website are taken via PayPal /Credit / Debit card.

Payments for materials directly to me from my studio can be made by cash, bank transfer, paypal or cheque.

What turn around time should I expect?

Arty Heaven consists of  Julie, plus a couple of occasional helpers, there is no big logistics infrastructure, I offer encaustic wax supplies as a service to others, as they are so tricky to come by in the UK, and I recall the frustration of not being able to source sensible supplies only too well.

I will get to orders, and requests as quickly as possible, but please bear in mind that if I am running workshops, or doing exhibitions, or running my children to football, my responses might not be immediate!

Will you ship outside of UK?

This is new website functionality for me, whilst I am setting everything up, and getting used to the system, I have decided to do UK only shipping, at a flat rate of £5 Postage and Packing for all shipped items.

I will monitor this and refine over time.

If you are based outside of the UK, and want artwork or supplies shipped to you, simply contact me for a quote.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes!  You can now buy gift vouchers directly from this website, that can be used towards wax supplies, art, or workshops, and redeemed during checkout.   You can add your own personal message, and the voucher will be sent via e-mail.

Occasionally, we can also tailor gift vouchers; a recent voucher was created as a Mother and Daughter afternoon out, which was a really special.   I have also done a Thank You voucher for a lady who wanted to treat some special friends to a creative afternoon. Contact me if you have any special requirements, and I will confirm pricing.

How do I sign up to your newsletter?

Sign up for e-mail updates via the contact page.  Tailor what you receive according to what interests you…

  • Workshops and Wax Supplies
  • Julie Ann’s Art
  • General Monthly Summary
  • All of the above.

You can opt out at any time, and I will never share your details with any third parties.

Question not answered above?

Contact me and ask!    I am not always able to reply straight away, but will answer as quickly as possible!

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