New Year, time to take stock…

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This journey is just incredible; at times I feel utter frustration at not being as far on, or having done as much as I wanted to achieve in the time I’ve been playing this crazy art game.    Yet, yesterday, whilst finally tackling the pile of paperwork in my studio (I had been making every excuse not to deal with), I came across my summary of what’s been going on this year.

I put some systems in place last summer to keep track of my work and as it’s so easy to forget, also created a monthly / quarterly summary of what’s been happening, art wise, or family wise that may have had an impact on my work, as I just don’t keep these kinds of things in my head.

Lets just say 2014 was as eventful as the past two years on the home front, and it is with amazement that I look back and realize how much has been achieved with all the other ‘stuff’ that’s been going on.

I try most days to take some time out to sit and reflect, read, sort the thoughts out in my head and to stop to see what’s going on around me, it gives me a kind of calm and strength to get onto the next task.    I carry on with this day by day approach as it often seems the only way to go about it, just do a little bit every day and as long as I make a bit of progress, then that’s okay.    Having not looked at the bigger picture for a few weeks, it came as a shock to look back over the year.   The books were looking healthier than I could have hoped, all things considered.  Our achievements over the year were amazing, did we really get through all of that?!!   Did all those things really happen??!!    Yep, it appears they did!

So, with some more mulling over where I have got to so far, I continue with my plans for 2015.  They are crisper, bigger, more tangible, clear.  They are exciting, and I can’t wait to get going with them.

The Hertfordshire Life interview was a great start, followed shortly after by the decision to join the Oxford International Art Fair on 6th – 8th Feb.    People are contacting me about my art, I have new workshop venues planned and some large exhibitions booked throughout the year.

I have two boys who think their mother is pretty uncool at the moment, and as long as there is some dinner planned, are quite happy for me to be up in my studio out of their hair!

When I close my eyes I see pictures I want to paint, colours & images flashing before my eyes and plans for the year ahead whizzing and skipping around my brain at a pace faster than an industrial ticker-tape machine!

A time for everything, and everything in its time… Lets see what sort of a time 2015 brings….

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