Do you need to take a week out, and just reconnect with your creativity??

Immerse yourself in a week of pure Arty Heaven??

Check out my UK Encaustic Wax Art Retreat Weeks, which will leave you totally inspired….


Reconnect. Recharge. Rediscover.


Twice a year, I open my studio and host my VIP Encaustic Art Retreat Weeks.

Spending time amongst other likeminded artists is invaluable, it can be a lonely old time working on your own, so I’ve created these weeks to bring artists together.

One week is a beginners retreat for people new to the method of using beeswax with dammar resin, where we cover all the aspects of health and safety, and essential things to know, I will get you set up with an army of techniques and supplies ready to use back in your own home studio.

The second is a retreat week for artists who already use this method of encaustic.    During this week, in addition to me sharing my techniques, I will also bring in two guest tutors, to ensure you leave inspired, and brimming with new ideas.

There are two types of working with encaustic, I work with both…

  1. Pre-coloured wax blocks, which you apply in a single thin layer onto paper, usually with an iron or stylus, this wax does not contain dammar resin, is used at a lower heat and has minimal health and safety implications.
  2. Beeswax and Dammar Resin (Encaustic Medium) style of working.  By adding the dammar resin, this wax has a higher melting point, you can add your own colours, and it is strong enough to build up in multiple layers.  There are additional health and safety considerations which must be taken into account with this method of painting.

To be clear, these retreat weeks are using the second layered beeswax and dammar resin style of wax.  I use the R&F brand, as they are the only supplies I’m able to obtain in the UK, but the principles will apply to any other brands of encaustic medium. There are other shorter workshops for the first variety of wax.

Throughout these VIP weeks, we will be layering information and techniques, with plenty of studio time, whilst still leaving time to think, process and digest everything.   I have been on workshops where the content was relentless, and whilst I loved them, I ended up frazzled and exhausted, my aim is to balance the content with time to process, and leave you feeling refreshed and inspired, not ready for bed!

Have a peek inside my Arty Heaven Studio above… Its a panoramic shot… not a really wierd shaped studio! 😉


It’s not all studio time though….

We will go for a wander around my most favourite art shops.  If you love to drool over art supplies and stationery, and you’re always on the hunt for new mark making tools, you’re in for a TREAT!

We will also take a trip to visit The British and Petrie Museums in London, where we will be welcomed, and shown the Fayum Mummy Panels on display there.  Study first hand these 2,000-year-old encaustic wax face masks painted by the Egyptians. Fascinating!


You cannot leave The British Museum without taking the 50 yard stroll down the road to Cornellisens… An amazing old fashioned art shop, with pigments as far as the eye can see!


It reminds me of the kind of shop you would find in a Harry Potter movie…  You are invited to open all the drawers and cupboards, and discover what treasure troves of colour are inside… Fantastic…!

The week is designed to give you the space to totally immerse yourself in your creativity, be inspired and tap into some of the wonderful history London has on offer.

Leave feeling totally nourished, following a week of good company, amongst like-minded people, which can be as simple, or as lavish as you would like it to be.

I am blessed to have found the most amazing studio, it is a beautiful old converted barn.  It is on an arable farm, in the Hertfordshire Countryside.  The long private treelined driveway is surrounded by oilseed rape fields, and provides ample inspiration, with the pheasants, red-kites and network of footpaths nearby.

We have a seating area at the end of the garden, so you can get away from the studio and (hopefully!) sit in the sunshine with a cuppa and to gather your thoughts.

There are countless pubs, hostelries and hotels nearby, ranging from very affordable through to 5 Star options.  I also have an amazing travel consultant who will be happy to help you with flights, accommodation, taxi’s requests, etc. if required.

Some meals are included, others are at your own expense.  See the course content below for exact details.


After you have read through the full course content, you might still have questions, and I want you to feel totally comfortable booking your week with me, so I have done a series of Facebook Lives, which covers what we will do day by day.  I have linked them up onto a blog here.

Also, if you want to check and see we are a right fit, or maybe you have a logistical question, just drop me an e-mail:

Select from the dates and courses below for the full itinerary details of each week.

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