Upcoming Events and Studio Open Days

Next Workshops are:

R&F – 17th & 18th September – Visit the R&F Workshops Page to book.

Fun Two Hour Taster Sessions – Visit the Wax & Wine Page to book.

R&F – Retreat Weeks in 2019 and 2020 – Visit the VIP Art Retreat Page to book.


Open Studio Drop in days

Come and visit our studio, find out more, have a chat, buy art, cards, gifts and wax supplies.  Please pre-order if you are coming for anything specific.

I now have a card reader, so payment can be made by cash, card, Apple Pay, etc.

Wednesday Open Days for 2019:

6th March, 12 – 3pm

3rd April, 12 – 3pm

8th May, 12 – 3pm

5th June, 12 – 3pm

3rd July, 12 – 3pm

NO open day in August

4th September, 12 – 3pm

2nd October, 12 – 3pm

6th November, 12 – 3pm

4th December, 12-3pm


Saturday Open Days for 2019 are:

30th March, 2-4pm

18th May, 2-4pm

15th June, 2-4pm

6th July, 2-4pm

26th October, 2-4pm

23rd November, 2-4pm

Or visit by appointment.  December Open Dates to be confirmed.


You can find Studio Directions here.

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