Although wax is beautiful to look at, and watch on videos, there is nothing like actually applying it yourself.   It’s only at the point that you’re applying it, you really experience the fluidity and get a full hit of all the senses; the smell, the texture, the sensation of applying it…  It really gives you the ‘tingles’… (Or it does me anyway!)

There are a number of ways I can help you with this.

  1.  The easiest way is through my online courses… Everything I teach in real life workshops, but delivered online for you to watch and follow in your own time, at your own pace, at a fraction of the cost.  (I currently have an amazing deal on my latest R&F Online Course)
  2. Real life workshops…  I run workshops from my studio in Sarratt, in Hertfordshire.  You can view dates, location, and make bookings by clicking ‘Real Life Workshops’ below.
  3. Demos and Talks… I can come to your club and give you a short overview of the fascinating history of painting with wax, an overview of some of the different ways of working with wax.  We can tailor it to a demo only, or let your club members have a go, depending on numbers.

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