To paint with the lower heat Arts Encaustic Waxes you will need:

1 – Hotplate, Iron or Stylus (preferably all of these!)

2 – Encaustic Papers, come in a variety of sizes and colours

3 – Coloured Encaustic Waxes

Arts Encaustic Waxes are a great fun, suitable for anyone to use…

You are working at a low heat, applying wax in one single layer, working on encaustic paper.  Quick and easy to start, you’ll be creating amazing pieces in no time!

Small individual items are supplied via Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Larger orders purchased via my site will be sent directly to you from my supplier in the UK, please allow a couple of days for the order to be processed.

These items are based on the UK electrical voltage, if you’re in another country, look for these items based on your countries specifications.

If you’re struggling to source supplies, e-mail me:  I’ll be happy to help if I can.


There are lots of products to enhance this range, from mark making tools, stamps and card packs, so look out for those!


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