Hi, my name is Julie Wrathall.

I specialise in a little known, ancient art of encaustic painting… which means, I paint with hot molten beeswax…

Creating one off, unique, soulful paintings.

There is something particularly satisfying about this medium… it touches me deep down in a way like no other medium.  It has a constant evolution, it’s an almost living art form, which connects and continues to breathe and evolve for months and years after the painting is completed.

Having been taught that art was ‘just a hobby’ I didn’t believe an artistic life was possible, until nine years ago, when I won a competition at Tate Modern in London, which changed everything!

I now create individual works of art, filled with texture and light, and work with individuals, interior designers, and luxury locations who are looking to create a space out of the norm.

Something magical happens during the process of applying it, and viewing it, whether you are totally new to art, or a seasoned pro… it connects in a deep way.  It’s a very uplifting medium.  Changing seasons, and sunny days change the way it is viewed and perceived, bringing moments, and reminders to slow down, breathe and reconnect for a few minutes.

I love to share the joy and therapeutic qualities of wax painting…  The same questions come up again and again, so check out my Frequently Asked Questions page for the most common ones!

Encaustic is rarity in the UK, so I share how to’s of encaustic art through my online courses, and 1-1 sessions, and have a number of blogs sharing hints and tips… check out the Categories and Search functions in the blog section.

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You’ll find me listed as Julie Ann on some of my social medias… people rarely spell or pronounce my sir name correctly, so Julie Ann has proved to be much simpler!

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