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  • Wax painting is great for mindfulness, stress relief, or simply learning a new hobby.

  • You don’t have to be particularly artistic, just let your inner artist play and have fun.

  • It’s suitable for youngsters, through to the ahem… not so young…!

  • It can be a particularly challenging and enjoyable medium for experienced artists too.

  • My tutorials and wax supplies** can help you with all of these areas of wax painting.


Vouchers can be used towards:

  • ART:  My High Vibe Original Wax Art…  Lifts and Soothes The Soul…✨ 🎨 🐝   Enter  your voucher codes at the check out.

  • ONLINE COURSES:   You can use vouchers for my encaustic online courses.   (Voucher codes will not work through my Online School Checkout, but simply contact me, and I will add the recipient to their online courses manually.)

  • WAX SUPPLIES:  Vouchers can be used for encaustic wax supplies that are payable through my shopping cart on MY website.    **They cannot be used against smaller purchases supplied by Amazon.

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