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Birthdays, Christmas, Special Occasions, Friends in need of a Pick Me Up….?

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You can add a personalised message, and send their voucher directly to your, or their, In Box.

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*Please see additional notes on how to redeem below.


Gift Vouchers can be used towards:

  • ART:  The gift of art… Simply enter voucher code(s) at check out.
  • 1-1 VIDEO SESSIONS: Enter voucher code(s) at check out.
  • ONLINE COURSES:   Contact me with your voucher code(s), I will redeem, and manually add the recipient to their chosen online courses.
  • WAX SUPPLIES:  Vouchers can be used for some encaustic wax supplies that are purchasable directly through my website (not via 3rd Party suppliers).    Please contact me if you are unsure.


Want to send the same gift to multiple people?   Enter each of their e-mail addresses and the quantity will automatically adjust.


Any questions, just ask, e-mail:



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