Encaustic can often raise more questions than it gives answers…

Here are a few of my most common questions!

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Why Wax?

Encaustic is the most beautiful, delicious medium I have ever experienced.   I say experienced, because it IS an EXPERIENCE…!

Just viewing encaustic is mesmerising, the way the lights and darks glow against each other, and morph, brings an ongoing, almost meditative quality to the artwork.

Applying and fusing hot, molten, runny wax… it is extra special.  It brings me so much joy.  It also allows me to connect to my inner soul like no other medium I’ve ever encountered, which I believe subsequently shines through in my work.

Won't It Melt...?!

This has to be the top question I am ever asked…!     

Not all waxes are the same.  There are a wide range, all having different melting points depending what they’re made from.

Waxes such as soy wax, can have a very low melting point around 49C / 120F.  Leave a candle on your window sill, you’ve possibly seen the consequences!

The wax I use in my encaustic painting has a very high melting point.  

I use pure beeswax, plus a damar (natural tree) resin, or other higher grade waxes to raise the melting point further still.   I normally work at around 82 – 93C / 180 – 200 F.

Don’t hang, or store your wax paintings, (or any fine art) in constant direct sunlight however, such as a conservatory, as the UV rays can affect the work, (especially under glass, which could cause the wax to blister due to being over heated) but, no, don’t panic, your wax will not melt and run down your walls!

To understand more, see this video I took on one of our few UK hot summer days!   

Do You Work To Commission?

Yes, I can work to commission.  I especially love unusual projects, and unusual sizes, so get in touch, particularly if you have a challenging wall or shape you’re looking for!

People I work with tend to know my style, and they’re happy for me to put my own intuitive wax spin on it.

Find more here. https://artyheaven.com/commissions/

Art These Prints or Originals?

All of my encaustic wax pieces are originals, meaning they are as unique and individual as you.

I no longer make any prints or cards of my art.   If a description on a piece says, ‘on encaustic paper’, that is still an original.

I Saw Some Work On A Live Stream, but I can't find it on your website...

Tech is my least favourite part of this whole process…  so, I often have pieces in my studio, which have not yet made it onto my website as a saleable item.  Feel free to contact me and enquire on availability and price.  I’ll be happy to help you!

Your Website Only Shows UK Shipping... Do You Ship Overseas?

Yes, I ship overseas.  Contact me for a shipping quote.  e-mail: julie@artyheaven.com with your full shipping address and details of the piece you wish to purchase.

Payment for shipping will be arranged separately.   (You can purchase the piece in the meantime to make sure you don’t miss it!)

Prices to ship overseas can vary widely, I use a comparison site for parcels to get the best value service for you.  I use reputable couriers, with insurance, and full customs documentation, working to the timeframes between us, that best work for you.

Please be aware, depending on your location, there could be import duties, in which case, customs might contact you for payment prior to delivery (so keep an eye on your e-mails!)  Check your own local tariffs specific to your country.

I Saw You Do Photography...? Can You Explain More...!

Yes… Alongside my art, I also work with the Jet Black Squares Smartphone Photography, find me on Instagram & Facebook under @jetblacksquares_cornwall. We are passionate about making photography accessible for all…

Whether you are just looking to take better photographs of yourself and family, a small business, wanting better images for your website & social medias, a corporate company looking for a team building event, or a social club looking for fundraising ideas, we have a solution for you…

Check out this blog which explains more.

Learning to Paint With Encaustic

Do You Teach Encaustic?

Yes, I have many resources that can help you.

I’ve stopped my regular in person workshops, and art retreats for the time being, due to closing my studio in 2020, and a more recent house move to back to Cornwall.

However, I teach all of the techniques from my in person workshops, in my Online Courses.

You can also book 1-1 video calls.

Or, find a host of information on my Learn Encaustic Page,  YouTube Channel, and on my blogs too, check out the BLOG CATEGORIES, and find what’s relevant to you.

I’ve found I’m missing my in person workshops however, so in time, once my studio is sorted, I will be getting back into doing workshops again – watch this space!

Tailored packages can be arranged at a venue of your choice, purchase your equipment and materials through me, and contact me for a quote to run workshop sessions for you.

Online Courses

Learn easily at home via my online courses.   Detailed video tutorials, showing you how to create lots of different effects, and explaining all the different products.

I’ve had a number of students go through my courses, and they’ve had great feedback to date.  See my testimonials page.

There are a variety of different options depending on what level of instruction you need.

1-1 Video Tuition

People often say they wish they could just pick my brains on their specific query… So, now you can…!

Book a 1-1 Video session with me to ask questions, and get help.


Things I can help with:

Do you need help with your encaustic studio set up, or ways to paint with wax?

Why not create a virtual workshop day…?  Split the call, book the first part of your session in the morning to ask your questions and get set up.  Put it all into practice, then come back for the second session at the end of the day.  You can get feedback, and ask any questions that come up.   A great way to keep yourself accountable, keep learning, and get the most out of your equipment.


Completely lost on which encaustic materials to buy and where to source them from for your specific needs?

I have helped numerous people source supplies, which are rarer than rare in the UK (and Europe) It also helps you to clarify what style of encaustic you’re drawn to, and therefore what materials would work best for your needs.


Want to brainstorm which direction to take your art, or your business?

I have worked with many people over the past decade in the art, the online, and the business world, I can often connect you to people with the right skills, make suggestions on where to start, or simply give advice on the pitfalls I have made along the way!


Do You Paint With Cold Wax?

No, I don’t use any cold wax in my paintings.

I paint only using hot molten wax and mixed media.

The word ‘encaustic’ comes from the Greek word, ‘to burn’.  By being an encaustic painter, it means painting with hot wax.

Cold wax techniques never held the same wonder and fascination as painting with hot wax for me, so I abandoned them in favour of my heat plates and hot air guns.

I don’t have any tuition for cold wax techniques.

Encaustic Repairs

Accidents happen, and the beauty of encaustic is that it can often be repaired by re-heating the wax, unlike many other mediums.

If you have a damaged encaustic painting that is in need of repair, I recommend you go back directly to the artist to discuss repair options.

When that is not possible, there are scenarios that I can help you out.  You are welcome to contact me to see if I can repair it for you.

There are never any guarantees on repair, as each painting is individual and presents a different challenge each time.  I’m happy to talk with you and explain why.  I accept no liability if a repair does not work, or potentially devalues a painting, that said, I have successfully repaired a number of encaustic paintings by other artists, and the clients have been very happy with the results.

I often receive requests to give guidance to encaustic artists in other countries, on how to repair paintings on behalf of their clients.

Encaustic repair is tricky, and isn’t something that can be explained simply over an e-mail.

I have created a resource, which should guide you through the process to repair your own painting, with options for additional support if needed.  SEE FULL DETAILS HERE.

I hope you find it helpful….

how to do encaustic wax painting
How to Paint with Encaustic Wax

Do You Sell Encaustic Wax Supplies?

Do You Sell Wax Supplies?

Yes… and No….!

I used to hold stock of most encaustic supplies, across all ranges of waxes and accessories.

Since in person events and open studios etc have stopped, I have changed my wax supply options, some are still supplied by me, others through external links, so it depends what you are looking for.

If in doubt, or you need help, drop me an e-mail julie@artyheaven.com

Buying Small Wax Items

I’ve set up links with Amazon to direct you to smaller sundry wax items.

I earn an affiliate fee on qualifying orders when you purchase through those links at no extra cost to you, so those orders via my website are really appreciated!

View wax products here.   (You will automatically be taken to Amazon on relevant products.)

Uncommon Products and Bulk Orders

Some items aren’t available on Amazon, (that I can find) such as the Ultimate A2 Hotplate, or the 144 wax block set, so I have kept them on my website, so you can order, I will arrange to have them shipped directly to you via my supplier.

I can often source larger orders at very preferable rates.  I have a couple of bundles of my most popular items on my website.   Or contact me to arrange a bespoke order.

View wax products here.

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