Encaustic Wax on Specialist Paper.  Framed, ready to hang

Frame: 71 x 71cm

Image 46 x 46


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Feel the energy radiating from this painting… If those pinks and purples don’t lift your spirits, nothing will…!

Created by blending coloured wax blocks using a hot iron onto specialist encaustic paper.

My paintings are created through a very intuitive process…  I start out with a rough idea of my plan, from there, I ‘feel’ what the next mark needs to be, and finally I just ‘know’ when it’s done.   There’s a time-lapse of that in action below…

Buyers often say, “It Just Spoke To Me, I had to have it…!”   It gives me goosebumps everytime, and it’s why I do what I do…!

The colours are incredible, it will really take your breath away on a bright sunny day, where encaustic has a special tendency to take on an almost luminous quality.  You’ll see I’ve shared a few photographs in different lights, so you can see how the painting responds throughout the day and with the seasons.  Part of the magic of encaustic; always radiating different energies.

Here’s a time-lapse of how my paintings come together, you’ll see ‘Beyond Joy’ on the easel in the background at the start.  Enjoy.

Title: Beyond Joy

Size:  Frame = 71 x 71cm   |   Image = 46 x 46cm

Medium:  Encaustic Wax on Specialist Encaustic Paper

Framed, ready to hang.

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