Mermaid Spirits – 180 x 90cm


180 x 90 cm

Encaustic Wax

Birchwood Cradled Panel 

Price £6,060


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“Mermaid Spirits”

A completely channelled piece.  Mythical, spiritual, mermaid, goddess, powerfully emerging from her intense blue background.   Pure spirit.  Transcending.  Radiating a powerful energy and presence.

A fully intuitive piece, representing strength, and femininity.

Standing tall at six foot in height… Here are two videos showing the detail of the painting close up…

“Mermaid Spirits”

Medium: Encaustic Wax and Damar with Pigment Sticks

Support: Cradled Birchwood Ply Panel

Unframed, ready to hang

180 x 90 cm

£6,060 GBP

Includes UK Shipping, enquire for overseas shipping costs.

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Framed or Unframed?

Unframed, Dark Wood Framed


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