One of a kind encaustic art triptych to give your room the WOW factor…!


Abstract encaustic wax triptych painting in a variety of oranges, umbers and ochres.  Created by blending coloured hot wax blocks, with an encaustic heated iron. Amazing colour, depth and texture

One of a kind, original and unique.

This central picture is A1 in size, 84 x 59cm, the two smaller pieces 42 x 29.5cm, painted on encaustic paper and sealed with a specialist encaustic sealer.      These pieces are unframed.  You can add the frame style in this image for £300, or contact me for prices on other framing options.

They are signed and dated on the back of the images.

I love creating these paintings, these are as big as they get in this style, and prove quite a challenge…. The iron surface is very small compared to the size of the paper, so they take quite some time and manipulation to pull the finished piece together!

Add this statement triptych to your walls and give your room the WOW factor….! Works really well in a room with blue/grey hues.

Additional information

Framed or Unframed?

White Frame with Double Mount, Unframed


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