Studio Directions in Sarratt…

Julie Ann’s ‘Arty Heaven’ Studio,
The Old Barn, Newhall Farm, Bucks Hill, Sarratt, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.

For those of you from further afield, here are some maps to get your bearings of where I’m located in the UK!

Although the postal address says Sarratt, my studio is actually on the outskirts, around half way between Sarratt and Chandlers Cross.

Depending on the direction you are approaching from: there are two entrances to Newhall Farm, with two different postcodes.

If coming from the North / Junction 19 or 20 of M25, use postcode WD4 9AH.   

When you reach the Bucks Hill, Bottom Lane, Toms Hill junctions, you will see the sign for Chandlers Cross.     (There is a more detailed street name map at the very bottom of this page)

Just past this Chandlers Cross sign, you can see a grassy triangle on the right.  Follow the right hand lane there.  You will see a private driveway sign for Newhall Farm, and Newhall Barns.  

Follow that driveway all the way up and around to the top, where you will find a first set of houses and barns, there are double gates which are usually closed, if you find them closed, please close the gates behind you.  (If they are open, leave them open.)

As you pass through the gates, DO NOT drive straight past the main farm house. REACH MY STUDIO BY DRIVING AROUND THE BACK OF THE FARM BUILDINGS. 

Turn left.   Then right.   Then right again.   

You will see my studio directly in front of you. 

This avoids disturbing the dog, and is the owners preferred way for all vehicles to access that area of the farm and barns.

If coming from Junction 18 of M25, or from general Sarratt direction, use postcode WD3 6AW.

Turn onto Dead Man’s Ash Lane.   (There is a more detailed street name map at the very bottom of this page.)

Watch out for a turning with some white pillars, a white lion head, and a sign called Hillcrest.

You will see Private Road signs to Newhall Farm and Newhall Barns.

Follow that drive all the way to the end.  It’s a long way down, nearly a mile, so don’t turn around and go back thinking you’ve taken a wrong turn!

At the very end, you will see two big barns, and a house in front of you, turn left by the first big barn.

You can park anywhere in the large yard in front of the studio.

On the grass (if it’s not wet), or anywhere on the large area of hardstanding.  However, please do not block any barn buildings or doorways, as these are always in constant use.

Entrance to my studio is through this doorway, to the right of James Laurence Cars.

Any problems in finding the studio, call me on 07976 700737.


I look forward to seeing you!


PS. To be clear… Studio is only open by appointment or during open sessions, so please book, call ahead, or check open times.

If you do not have a vehicle…

There is a nearby bus route that can drop you near Dead Mans Ash Lane:

Train stations and undergrounds are within a few miles.

However, despite being so close to London and the M25, it is very rural.  Unless you are up for a good walk, you are likely to need some form of transport or taxi at this end.

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