Encaustic Wax on Specialist Paper.  Framed, ready to hang

Frame: 71 x 71cm

Image 46 x 46


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This painting is all about balance… creating calm, meditative, thoughtful space…

A little about my work…. My paintings are created through a very intuitive process…

At the start, I only have a rough idea of my plan, however,  I ‘feel’ what the next mark needs to be, and finally get a feeling which tells me when it’s done.

(There’s a time-lapse of that in process at the bottom of the page…)

Buyers often say, “It Just Spoke To Me, I had to have it…!”  That always gives me goosebumps, and it’s why I do what I do…!

The colours are very calm, but will change throughout the day, radiating different shades and hues depending on your viewpoint, as  you’ll see in this video below…


Title: Balance II

Size:  Frame = 71 x 71cm   |   Image = 46 x 46cm

Medium:  Encaustic Wax on Specialist Encaustic Paper

Framed, ready to hang.

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In the interest of balance, there are two of these; Balance I and Balance II – View “Balance I” HERE


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