Chakra – Contains Seven Individual Pieces (not six as per photo – oops!!)



Why am I discounting this piece…?

Did you spot my big mistake…?

How many pieces of art are there in this main image, and compare to how many physical pieces there are in the piece / chakras there should be… doh…!  Nobody has ever told me I’d missed one out!!!  Additional photo of all seven pieces now added in the photo gallery!

In stock


This piece consists of seven individual pieces, are double mounted ready to be framed.

The individual pieces can be spaced closely together as shown here, or if you have the room for it, widen the spaces in between each piece to give your room the wow (but zen!) factor.   Can be hung horizontally or vertically.

I can connect you with my framer if you need help with framing choices.

These magical pieces are full of texture, vibrant colour and light, blending together to create a stunning chakra coloured collection.



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