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Smartphone Photography in Cornwall…

January and February have been busy months for me, aside from catching up with some of my old art buddies down here in Cornwall, locating venues to host my encaustic workshops, and finding new gallery opportunities…  I’m excited to share that I’m also a part of a new team with Jeanette Lendon from Jet Black Squares… offering Smartphone Photography sessions down here in Cornwall and around the South West… 🤳📱✨😁

I’ve known Jeanette since my early days at my first art studio, The Stables, in Bourne End in Hertfordshire, way back in 2012… she is a dynamo of energy and ideas, and I’m thrilled to be offering Smartphone Safaris in Cornwall as a part of her team.

What are Smartphone Safaris..?!

They are short, fun, two hour experiences, where I’ll be sharing how to look at your surroundings differently, finding unusual, effective aspects, getting the best out of the camera on your phone, and looking at a free editing tool for those times when your pictures need a little extra help, leaving you with the ability to create photographs you will be really proud of.

Photography has always been a foundational part of my art making process, and I’ve been working on photo encaustic practices in my latest collection of work, so this fits in with everything perfectly…

I will continue to run my encaustic art as always… but in addition, I now have a dedicated photography space, please come and find me… I’m on Facebook and Instagram under @jetblacksquares_cornwall

Hope you enjoy the colours and views of North Cornwall…!!

To book a safari with me – Go to my page on the Jet Black Squares website.

You don’t need any prior photography experience to join; just bring yourself, a fully charged phone, and a comfy pair of shoes!

It’s also possible to book private 1-1 family, and group sessions, corporate and small business options, and gift vouchers, with options for in person and virtual sessions, so book online, or e-mail me:  with any questions, and discover how you can take photos like these, simply using your smartphone!

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