International Encaustic Conference

 In Arty Heaven, Encaustic Wax
Did you know each year there is an International Encaustic Conference held in the States?
They are in their thirteenth year, with LOADS of different encaustic tutors and courses, and classes, and all things encaustic…..
It’s on at the moment… right now!!
I’d hoped to get out there, but timing wasn’t right this year for me…. Next year however….!
A few of us in Europe are also working together to see what we can do to get an encaustic conference together somewhere over here, there is definitely a call for it…!
You can check out the full US programme on the link below, and if you want to be super nosey, check out their Facebook and Instagram posts from the conference, they are so much further ahead with this medium than us, but as I’ve always said… IT’S COMING THIS WAY…!!!  Sadly, for now, I will watch from afar.
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