Free Daily Live Wax Videos… Brightening Days one Painting at a Time…

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We are finding ourselves in extra-ordinary times….  Covid-19 is restricting our daily lives like nothing many of us have seen before.

In an effort to alleviate a little of the stress, I’m going to do some live painting each day at 2pm…

Here’s a two minute video explaining how it will work.

If you can’t catch it live, or don’t do Facebook, you will find all of the replays on a new YouTube play list,  “Sit back and enjoy… Ways with Wax Videos – Pure Therapy…!” also linked up below.

I will be sharing more about wax projects for you to try out at home, and other arty resources in the next day or two…  So gather the kids, Mums and Dads, the Grandparents, and lets get creative….

If you want to get in on the Free Zoom Video Calls… make sure you sign up to ‘All Updates’ on my newsletter at the bottom of my home page.

Stay safe, and enjoy…
Julie. x

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