Great news that you’re interested to learn encaustic… that is, how to paint with hot molten wax…!

Let me start by saying, it is the most versatile art form I have ever encountered, and it is honestly as limitless as your imagination once you understand the basic rules…

I could talk endlessly about all the ways in which you can paint with wax… so please remember that there’s no one way…

Those who claim they can’t draw a straight line, love it…

Boundary pushing artists get as wild and creative as their imaginations will allow….

It is both a crafting hobby, and a fine art… It is a safe entry level art form, it is also a serious investment in time, money, health and safety… You can use it as you wish…

Learn Encaustic: 

Here are three short videos giving an overview:

Painting with an Iron - No health and safety considerations, super easy to start!

Painting with a Stylus - Again, few health and safety considerations, and super easy to start!

Layered painting with wax and dammar, working at a higher heat, health and safety considerations and good ventilation needed, but wonderful to create with, and as limitless as your imagination, once you fully understand the basics!

I can short cut you through all the confusion of encaustic, saving you hours of research, and help you to avoid some of the costly mistake buys so many make!

Still not sure…?   Check out this blog, which explains wax painting in the easiest of terms!

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