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So my latest project has been under wraps for a little while until everything was firmed up, but I can share with you now…

I was super excited to be asked by Michelle Ireland to be a featured writer and share my artistic process in the April / May edition of a gorgeous new online magazine, called Soulacy.

I have always been very good at explaining the technicalities of wax painting, but never so good at sharing my internal process… which I have finally shared in this second edition of this new magazine!

Soulacy is a beautiful thing, a real cosy sit down with a cuppa, and giant wrap in a blanket kind of read…

Each month, there are over 25 incredible writers, alongside three featured writers… This months featured writers being myself… Anne-Louise Harbutt, and Harriet Jackson… fine company indeed…!

Details of how to have this beautiful creation delivered direct to your in box are below.

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Want to read my actual article…?  You’ll need to subscribe, then wait for it to land in your in box on Tuesday morning!  (27/04/21)
Julie. xx
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