First Major Encaustic Exhibition in Europe – Opens Sunday 7th July 2024

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I’m very excited to share the news of a first major encaustic exhibition in Europe, opening this coming weekend in Stade in Germany!

A project four years in the making, and one I’ve been really proud to be a part of.  It features 50 artists from Europe and America.  This journey included an exhibition in Provincetown in 2022, which I was was delighted to attend, and now concludes in Stade, Germany.


Exhibition period: July 7th – August 25th, 2024
Opening: July 7th, 2024 at 11 am
Silent Opening as part of the Long Night in Stade
on July 5th from 6 pm to 11 pm
Kunstpunkt Schleusenhaus
Altländer Strasse 2, 21680 Stade/Germany
Wednesday – Sunday 11 am to 5 pm

See the gallery programme here. 


is an international and cross-continental art project that emerged from the
collaboration between the group New England Wax and the European Encaustic
Artists 2020. 50 encaustic artists worked together in pairs and in close artistic
collaboration over a period of two years.
The resulting diptychs show the diversity of encaustic and the beauty of the natural
material beeswax. In addition, the artistic exchange across borders and continents
proved to be a great creative enrichment.
In 2022, the exhibition of the first diptychs took place in `The Commons Gallery´ in
Provincetown, Massachusetts/USA. This extraordinary art project now comes 2024 to
an end with the exhibition at the Kunstpunkt Schleusenhaus in Stade/Germany.



I have always said encaustic was really popular in America and Canada, and is slowly but surely coming this way – it is happening!!



A note from the organising committee to share a little of what has gone into curating this exhibition…

Here’s a brief overview of the last four years:

– About 400 emails

– Around 30 Zoom meetings

– Approximately 50 phone calls, if not more

– Hundreds of hours spent on the computer, recreating and translating the Transatlantic catalogue from English into German, organising and ordering items

– Trip to the USA: hanging and taking down paintings, then shipping them back to the artists

– Countless hours receiving paintings from artists, from around Europe and America into Germany, with help from family and friends

– Curating the exhibition, painting the panels, and more, and more, and more

– Unpacking all the paintings, transporting them to the gallery, and hanging them

– Promotion of the exhibition, Vernissage, showing artists around, organising lunches, and arranging sightseeing

– After the exhibition, taking down the paintings, repacking, and shipping them back to the artists


As you can see, it has been, and continues to be, an enormous task into which so many have poured their hearts and souls.

We kindly ask you to share this exhibition with any friends and family in Germany, and just help raise awareness of this first historic European Encaustic event.


Here is a photo of Ursi Lysser, Barbara Niederberger and Beate Kratte who have curated so much of the European co-ordination, ready to hang the pieces in Stade… huge thanks goes out to them in particular.

(Click on their names to see some of their stunning encaustic artworks!)

I’ve seen some short snippets of the exhibition now it’s hung, which are under wraps until the opening…  all I can say… is it looks fantastic!!!

Go to my Julie Ann’s Gallery Facebook Page to see more photos that I will share as I see them.


For some background into my involvement in the project, along with some of the stumbling blocks we encountered along the way of even getting encaustic supplies into Europe, and mine and my partners finished artworks, here’s a blog I wrote documenting the process…


If you get out to Stade to see the exhibition, please let us know, and tag us in any photos!

Many thanks,

Julie. x


If you want to learn about encaustic painting yourself, check out my everything you need to know, encaustic for beginners course here.

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