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So… a question I’m often asked, is “How Do You Clean Your Brushes After Painting With Encaustic Wax…?


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How to Clean Your Brushes?


In short, I don’t… I always say encaustic for me, is like the lazy girls guide to painting…!!   I simply switch the heat off at the end of the day, and pick up the next time where I left off!!

However, I do know the process, and knowing how to clean your brushes after using encaustic can be handy if you want to use a favourite brush with a completely different colour, or medium, so thought I’d create a quick video explaining how, should you wish to…!

You can use R&F Soy Wax, although any brand of Soy Wax will work.

These little Silicone Moulds work great for this purpose, and any remaining wax pops out easily, so they can be reused over and over.  Any heat resistant container will work though, even down to an old tuna tin, or metallic Chinese takeaway container, obviously, the larger scale you’re working, just scale up using larger containers.


For lots more quick How To’s such as this, have you checked out the ‘How To Paint With Encaustic Wax‘ category on my Blog?


To learn about the many many ways to paint with encaustic, go to:  which will guide you on a magical journey of hot waxy adventure.

At the time of writing this, I don’t have any in person workshops running, after moving house, and not having the new studio set up, but I do intend to in the future, so keep your eye on this page for other ways to work with me!

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