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Join us for an exciting ART CHALLENGE, as The Bloomz Arthouse presents “BLOOMZ ON TOUR” – Oils, Acrylics, Encaustic Wax, Fibre Sculpture, Mixed Media & Gum… Abstract, Landscapes, Animals, Figurative, the subjects are wide and varied, and VERY informative….

Think Great British Bake Off… but Bloomz Arthouse Style…!

It’s been an honour working with The Bloomz Arthouse over the past few years… a key to any artist life is surrounding yourself with people who uplift and inspire you, and ‘The Bloomz’ always manage to do that in bucketloads…

The Core Bloomz, (each as full of as many crazy ideas as me!) has been a place to gather, bounce ideas, find new inspiration, and find community.  (you can tell from our first art show promo here!!)


We’ve hosted a number of successful interactive online art shows, and always aim to bring something new, and interesting to our space.

This year, we are sharing our art in a different format…  This year we are presenting “BLOOMZ ON TOUR”


Bloomz On Tour


A seven part series, where we have set each other the challenge of painting and creating in each others style and methods of art… with the intention to educate and inspire.

These artistic challenges are proving to be a lot of fun, often more difficult than they look, and stretching us all to our limits at times!

Steve Brookes of SB Publishing, has had the daunting task of editing everything, and making sense of our videos and attempts, and pulling each art challenge into a cohesive short, 50 minute episode…

We are hosting everything on The Bloomz YouTube Channel… and each episode has its own Premiere, where you can watch live with us… and chat along in the comments as we all watch how each others paintings unfold for the first time…


From concept to being in a position of finally sharing, this project has been almost two years in the making… so to be at the point that the episodes are going out live, feels quite monumental…!

We’ve had so much fun on the way, and it’s been hard at times not to be able to share the progress of the project, as we were all under strict instructions not to share anything until the episode was ready to go live… which was difficult for me, who at times, like an over excited kid, was itching to share!

The series kicked off in April 2024, with a Watercolour Challenge from Cindy Porter in Australia, to paint a Tiger.

It’s so interesting watching how each of us approach the tasks so differently…

I hate preparation, gridding, sketches, and prefer to jump in, use my intuition and adjust as I go…  it always makes me chuckle how quickly I abandon my sketches… and just jump into the paints…  compared to how the other artists approach the tasks… I’m happy we’re not all the same…!


Episode Two moved to an Encaustic Wax Challenge, set by moi… the Premiere Aired on Saturday May 4th at 11am UK time… (May the 4th be with you… for all you Star Wars fans!!)

Bloomz on Tour Encaustic Wax Challenge







Other mediums and genres include oil paints, landscapes, abstracts, fibre sculpture, figurative painting, acrylics, and gum…

Where to find all this information, and join in the art challenge fun?

Why not join us and have a go at our challenges along with us…!


The full episode list is as follows:

  • Episode 1 – Watercolours: Premiered on Saturday 6th April at 11am UK / 9pm Melbourne, Australia @CindyPorterArtist
  • Episode 2 – Encaustic Art: Premieres on Saturday 4th May at 11am UK / 12pm Italy / 8pm Melbourne, Australia @JulieAnnWaxArtist
  • Episode 3 – Landscape in Oils: Premieres on Saturday 15th June at 11am UK / 12pm Italy / 8pm Melbourne, Australia @FionaHooperArtist
  • Episode 4 – Abstract Art: Premieres on Saturday 13th July at 11am UK / 12pm Italy / 8pm Melbourne, Australia @sammyhexter-andrews
  • Episode 5 – Needle Felting: Premieres on Saturday 10th August at 11am UK / 12pm Italy / 8pm Melbourne, Australia @stephanielester-fibreartist
  • Episode 6 – Figurative Art: Premieres on Saturday 7th September at 11am UK / 12pm Italy / 8pm Melbourne, Australia @elisacolangeliartist796
  • Episode 7 – Contemporary Visual Art: Premieres on Saturday 5th October at 11am UK / 12pm Italy / 8pm Melbourne, Australia @mac_mcgregor
  • Episode 8 – Live Chat with The Bloomz Artists: Premieres on Saturday 2nd November at 11am UK / 12pm Italy / 10pm Melbourne, Australia.


We Hope you enjoy The Bloomz on Tour series and that is encourages you to try YOUR hand at one of the many art mediums covered 🙂


If you’d like to try your hand at my Encaustic Waxing Lyrical challenge for yourself, you can find the instruction videos and equipment list here:

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