Hand’s Up… Who was told they couldn’t “do” art…?

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How many of us were told we couldn’t ‘do’ art… YEP… HANDS UP…

Perhaps you painted a picture you were really proud of, yet the teacher put a big cross through it…?   Everybody else in the class had their painting hung, but not yours…?   The art tutor told you, you would never make the grade…?

These stories keep coming up time and time again with the people I speak to… This stuff is staying with us for decades…. One person has told us we can’t… and we believe it….

Well, I DON’T believe that…   I believe we can ALL get creative, we just need a bit of encouragement and direction…

I want to inspire and encourage others to get creative themselves.   My art was nurtured at a fantastic art group a few years ago, and what has happened since has been amazing.   Now, it seems, it’s my turn to encourage others….

You don’t have to ‘do’ anything with your art, just to enjoy creating it for yourself is more than enough.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, I’d love to help you get creative with my ‘Painting with an Iron course’, I’ve created a special offer to help the decision…

BLACKFRIDAY2016 – Gives you 40% off the course cost, £97 down to £58.20    This offer expires on Sunday December 4th.     If you don’t make it in time for that offer, you can use

CHRISTMAS2016 – This will give you 25% off, bringing down to £72.75   This code expires on 31st December.

Please make sure the discount is applied before entering your payment details…

**Reminder** DO NOT let ANYONE (especially yourself!) tell you, you can’t ‘do’ art….

You will learn everything I cover in my studio course… but at your own leisure, from the comfort of your own home….

Included in this price is access to our Course Members Facebook Page, where you can ask questions, post pictures, find encouragement and I share lots of other hints and tips too.

I have lots more courses planned for 2017, and I’ll be asking for VOLUNTEERS to test out EACH of my new online courses for FREE, and give me feedback prior to launch, so being in this course members group will give you first dibs on those too…!

This is a Christmas treat that will last well into the New Year and beyond.

Lets BUST those old memories of… you can’t ‘do’ art for good…

If you want to take advantage of this offer for somebody else…   Or perhaps you would like to do it, but want somebody else to pay it for you…! Contact me, I will send you an invoice with the discount amount applied, and will create a personal voucher code for them/ you to use on Christmas Day…

E-mail me, julie@julieannsgallery.co.uk , or call me, 07976 700737 to arrange.

If you’re still undecided, see what others are saying about painting with encaustic wax here

Don’t forget, if you were doing this course in my studio, the cost would be £140… So this is a great value way to learn all these new skills, and join a band of fellow enthusiasts to encourage you every step of the way!   You can find all the Course info here.

Really hope to see you on the inside.

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