I’ve Been Awarded The Binnie Birstein Scholarship…!

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I got the news that I’d won The Binnie Birstein Scholarship to The States just before Christmas.  (You might have heard me screaming!)

This means I will be attending The 14th International Encaustic Conference, and some encaustic workshops in Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA, at the end of May / beginning of June 2020…  I am so freaking EXCITED!!

I’ve been dreaming about attending this conference since I first stumbled across it online six years ago.

I’m pretty sure I will be the first person to ever attend from the UK.

When I started working with encaustic in the UK all those years ago, I often felt like one lone voice in a sea of mainstream artists…

I would look longingly at the Encausticamps, and Encaustic Conferences, and Encaustic Museums springing up in the States, where fifty, sixty, seventy encaustic artists would gather together.  I wished I could go and immerse myself over there, but logistics, and family circumstances just didn’t allow it at the time.

I have doubted and second guessed my choices many times along the way, but stuck true to my passion of this frankly, unusual art medium…

It speaks to me like no other…

Encaustic has become more widely available in the UK.  More and more people are catching onto it’s amazing, versatile, tactile qualities.

Stick to your gut… I believe it knows the way.

Dreams really do come true…

I will definitely need to take an extra suitcase to bring the products home that aren’t available in the UK!

I promise I will report back, take lots of photographs, and videos, and inspire you all through my trip, as I have been inspired by others who have attended in previous years.

This encaustic web will continue to grow!

Watch the first five minutes of this video, and you will see what it means for me!

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