R&F International Encaustic Workshop Artists

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Back at the start of the year, I was delighted to have been approached by Dietlind Vander Shaaf from R&F Encaustic Paints, to be a part of a spotlight on International Encaustic Workshop Artists, we are few and far between in the UK, so it was great to be able to be featured on their site and in their newsletter to share our work with a wider audience.

Dietlind reached out to myself, and Lyn Kirkland, an encaustic artist based in Dorset, to ask us about our current practices, and teaching options.   The resulting blog is linked below!

It was a pleasure to work with these ladies, and widen the awareness of encaustic in the UK.  Year on year it becomes more widely known, and widely available over here, which I’m so grateful for.

Read the R&F Paint BLOG here.

Whilst you’re there, if you haven’t had a tour around R&F’s website recently, do take a look, the resources have grown exponentially since I first started working with this medium, and the wealth of knowledge on there is incredible now, I’m so pleased to be a little part of it!

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