The Strange Art of Ironing Out Depression

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*Blog title credit to: Lidija Pisker, OZY Author


I came across a blog on t’interweb recently….  The title ‘The Strange Art of Ironing Out Depression‘ instantly caught my attention, and I knew the article couldn’t be about anything other than painting with wax!

I am forever banging on about the therapeutic and healing properties of encaustic, and how it can help all sorts of people in so many ways.  This article sums that up perfectly.

Read about 69 year old Zdena Šarić, who proves that you’re never too old, too young, or too anything else, to work with wax, and benefit from it….

She explains how painting with wax helped her recover from the loss of her father, her son moving out, and how it’s helped her through a period of cervical cancer.

This is exactly the kind of story I’ve seen repeated in my workshops and online courses over the past umpteen years.

There is something really magical about this medium.  (Especially if you claim “not to be able to draw a straight line”…!!)


Want to try it out for yourself?   There are a couple of options depending on how much time you have on your hands…



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Lets create some amazing new works of art, break a few cycles of anxiety and depression, and heal a little of the hurt… one painting at a time.

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