The Strange Art of Ironing Out Depression

 In Arty Heaven, Encaustic Wax

*Blog title credit to: Lidija Pisker, OZY Author

I came across a blog on t’interweb recently….    The title ‘The Strange Art of Ironing Out Depression‘ instantly caught my attention, and I knew the article couldn’t be about anything other than painting with wax!

I am forever banging on about the therapeutic and healing properties of encaustic, and how it can help all sorts of people in so many ways.   This article sums that up perfectly.

So, don’t take my word for it, read about 69 year old Zdena Šarić, who proves that you’re never too old, too young, or too anything else, to work with wax, and benefit from it….

(Especially if you….  or your friend…. claims  “not to be able to draw a straight line”…!!)

Ready to try it out for yourself?

Check out my four new ‘Create Together’ packages.   Designed to make encaustic simpler.

  • Mini Wax Bundle – Perfect for two.  Sit and create together, the basic kit for you to share.  £95
  • Super Wax Bundle – Also ideal for two, but also includes all 48 wax colours, full pack of papers, plus extra stylus tips, stamps and cards to get really creative.  £185
  • Family Wax Bundle – Perfect for larger groups of family and friends, including two irons, two stylus, plus extra stylus tips, stamps and papers.  £285
  • Art Club Bundle – Best value for large groups.  Bulk saver box of 144 waxes, four irons, four stylus, five packs of various sizes of paper, extra stylus tips, stamps and ink pads.  They will LOVE it! £450

Gather with your family and friends, and see what you can create.

I have a host of free resources on YouTube, and a Free Five Day Online Course to get you started.  Follow along at home at your leisure, and if you like it, and get the encaustic bug, check out my other online courses, or monthly membership for plenty more ideas and inspiration.

Lets create some fun new memories.  Break some cycles of anxiety and depression, and heal some of the loneliness in the world… one painting at a time.

Who will you go and create with?

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