Things are CHANGING…!!

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I wanted to fill you in on some updates happening over here at Arty Heaven HQ….

Things are CHANGING…!!

This year has been… ahem…. ‘interesting’ shall we say….?

For most of us, we’ve had to take a long hard look at what’s been working and what hasn’t.  My year has been no different, and practically every event in my diary had to be rescheduled, or re-jigged.

I took some time out recently, just to reflect on exactly what I wanted to be focusing on going forward.

I’m still formulating the details, but I am excited about it… more excited about creating art than I’ve been in a long time…!!

I won’t share my rambling ideas with you YET…  If you’re on my mailing list, you know you always hear about it there first…  (Sign up is at the bottom of the homepage!)  However, a little clue… I’m intending to focus on larger scale wax work going forward…

What I have got super clear on, is what I WON’T be focusing on moving forward.

That is smaller works of art, in person workshops, and small wax supply sales.   They worked for me when I was hosting a lot of workshops, open days and in person events throughout the year, but obviously, that has all changed now, and who knows as yet what 2021 will bring.

So… I have been clearing my studio of my smaller wax supplies, papers, wax sets, stamps, cards, etc.  You can check my last remaining studio stock here.

I’m not abandoning encaustic altogether however!  You can still learn encaustic via my online courses… and I’m still able to help with your wax supplies.

I remember the frustration at the lack of encaustic supplies, hence I started supplying them in the first place, so use my expertise, and find supplies in your vicinity.

Larger UK orders will be drop shipped to you directly from my supplier.  Smaller one off items, I’ve set up links with Amazon, which as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, so please do consider ordering your products through those links.

There’s no extra cost to you, you don’t need to log in or do anything different, it just registers that you’ve clicked through my site, and helps me too!   All of these options are set up on my website here.  (You’ll either be taken to the check out page on my site, or through to Amazon, depending which products you want to buy.)

I always advocate buying supplies from your local art shops and independent stores… however, not many art shops stock encaustic products, hence setting up these link options for you.

D4daisy books are publishing one of my encaustic wax workshop tutorials in the New Year, so I wanted to make sure this was all in place before I move onto any of my new projects.

From there, it’s going to be a new set up in the studio, and 2021 here I come…

I’m excited… I feel as if there’s a lot of clarity coming… but first, it’s time to tie up all of my loose ends….

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