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I’ve just enjoyed two weeks of beautiful weather in Cheltenham and Cornwall, an impromptu break, that I didn’t realise I needed!

It’s so easy to get caught up in ‘life’ and get disconnected from what really fills your soul…

Especially art and creativity, as they’re so often not put on the ‘priority list’… they simply don’t shout as loudly as many of the other pressing jobs and general life events.

Add a pandemic on top, with travel and new places being so restricted for so long, I’ve found myself feeling quite uninspired at times.

I spent some time in a tiny little church on the North Cornish coast whilst I was away researching some family history…

During my short time there, I was mesmerised by the discoloured paint, texture on the walls, stained glass and patterned windows… it was all so beautiful, so peaceful.

The colours and textures hadn’t left my head since, and I decided to release them into a painting this week…

Wow, I feel so much better for making that time, and getting some wax and colour down!   So much more able to cope with other events of the life…

Here’s a close up of the piece…. It’s a glimpse of how I felt whilst I was there… calm, peaceful, supported…

I am returned to that feeling each time I look at the painting… it touches my soul.

I’m not sure if it’s finished yet, I will decide… but I’m super happy with the essence of it so far!

It’s such a great feeling to actually paint the thing, rather than just letting it run around in my head as I so often do.

I’m sharing this incase you recognise yourself in any of my thoughts and actions, and if so, to serve as a gentle reminder to make the time…!

If you want any help or inspiration, check out my encaustic courses, or get in touch, and ask me any questions.

We also have our annual Bloomz Online Art Show coming up on 29th and 30th April, where you can chat all things encaustic with me, this painting amongst many others will be on show… so pop the dates in your diary, and I’ll share more about this over the coming weeks.

I’d love to know what you think of my ancient church inspired creation, do let me know!

Until next time,
Julie. x

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