What’s Your Experience of Art Galleries?

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I ran a poll on LinkedIn a while back, because I was interested to discover more about people’s experiences with art galleries.

I know that sometimes people feel a bit intimidated about walking into a gallery full of masterpieces that they can’t touch, or challenging pieces of art that they don’t understand.

I’ve heard, and experienced, lots of horror stories, and I know the experience can be a bit of a mixed bag. 

These were the final results from the poll, which totally reflect my experiences, and what people have shared with me in person….

63% of ‘not very helpful’ makes me sad… the whole art experience is about how it makes you FEEL…

I really want buyers to LOVE their art buying experience.  Whether in a gallery, or directly with an artist.  I love it when people are so enthused, and they tell you about the whole encounter.  You see them come alive, and get super animated about where they got it, how it makes them feel… THIS is what it’s all about…!

You don’t have to be an art critic to appreciate art, have it transform your space, and transport your soul to a magical place.   You also don’t have to love every piece of art that’s displayed…. and it’s fine to think “I just don’t get it?!”  Everybody connects with something different, and we all understand that.

My mission is to change the experience of art as something that leaves the viewer feeling alienated. 

It’s not scary to contact artists (honestly)! We love creating our pieces, explaining the processes behind the work and we’re very happy to help connect you up with a perfect piece for you.   

If you have a blank space on your wall or a nook in your home that you’d love to fill with artwork that speaks to you, visit my treasure trove of current collections to browse for the perfect piece here: https://artyheaven.com/julie-anns-art/

I also love creating special commissions and bespoke pieces that speak to you. Helping soul clients to translate the idea in their heads into a real-life piece that they will treasure for years to come. Find out more about my personalised commissions https://artyheaven.com/commissions/

Wherever, and with whoever you discover your art, I hope it’s a really enjoyable and memorable experience… one that will light you up, one you’ll happily tell all your friends about, and one that makes you FEEL amazing every time you look at it…

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