You can’t DO art….!

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What I’m sharing today, has been shared before, but it’s so important, I think it’s worth sharing again….

How many of us were told we couldn’t ‘do’ art… YEP… HANDS UP…

Perhaps you painted a picture you were really proud of, yet the teacher put a big cross through it…?  Everybody else in the class had their painting hung, but not yours…? The art tutor told you, you would never make the grade…?   

Perhaps, you loved a picture you created, but it wasn’t to your friends taste, and you lost your confidence in your own work?

These stories keep coming up time and time again with the people I speak to… This stuff is staying with us for decades…. One person has made a comment, or told us we can’t… and we believe it….

Well, I DON’T believe that…   

I believe we can ALL get creative, we just need a bit of encouragement and direction…

I want to inspire and encourage others to get creative themselves.   My art was nurtured at a fantastic art group a few years ago, and what has happened since has been amazing.   Now, it seems, it’s my turn to encourage others….

You don’t have to ‘do’ anything with your art, just to enjoy creating it for yourself is more than enough.  Or, maybe you’d like to exhibit and sell your work, either way, it’s all great.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, but really don’t know where to start with encaustic wax, I’d love to help you get started.   

You can watch some of my videos on YouTube, or if you’re ready to dive right in, see my encaustic wax online courses here.  Such a great value way to get inspired, learn new skills, and join a band of fellow enthusiasts to encourage you every step of the way!   You can find all the Course info here.

Lets BUST those old memories of… you can’t ‘do’ art for good…

If you’re still undecided, see what others are saying about painting with encaustic wax here

Really hope to see you on the inside.

Julie. x

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  • Gundula Stevens

    I am interested in an one day workshop, using MPO and when are the dates for the Open Studio.

    • Julie Wrathall

      Thanks for your message Gundula, I’m working on dates this month, so will be announcing them soon, they’ll be starting in the Spring when the weather is a bit warmer!

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