Bloomz Art Show – June 2021

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12/08/21 – This private page has been updated to a public blog post to enable more to see the show… Make sure you come to our next show, on 24th & 25th September 2021, to receive the new link to my private page for that show and be the first to see the next collection of artworks.

Get your ticket here:



If you’re here, it means you’ve visited our Bloomz Art Show, and as one of our VIP attendees amongst one of the first to see some of these pieces…

Here, you can view my work at your own leisure, look up close, zoom in, and some works of art even have videos, showing you the depth and beauty of encaustic art, which rarely comes across in a single photograph…

Here’s my showreel, each slide is five seconds long, allowing you to stop and start the video at the slides that interest you:

Also, just click on the images below to see the additional information, including sizes, and in some paintings, what inspired me, or came to me whilst I was painting the piece.

Should you wish to purchase a piece, you can do this here, simply add to the cart, and go through the secure check out via Paypal, Credit or Debit card.

Mostly, I hope you’re simply enjoying the art and the show…!

For details on how we can infuse your ideas into layers of wax to create a piece totally unique and special to you, go here.

If you are inspired by encaustic, and want to know how to paint with it… go to this page.

If you need overseas shipping quotes, just ask at the show, or e-mail me: with your address and details of the piece, if shipping costs aren’t high, I can sometimes include overseas shipping, but every location differs, so I do need to check on an individual basis.

Thank you so much for coming to our show… it’s been a pleasure talking with you!

Julie. x


Julie Wrathall.

Encaustic Wax Artist.

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