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My original art, who I work with, and a few tips on how to choose art for your room…

Welcome to Julie Wrathall’s world of wax…!

I’m here to help you find beautiful original art, that’s as individual and unique as you…

If you haven’t encountered Encaustic before, you may not know that this style of work really radiates it’s own energy, it is full of light, and can change in vibrancy throughout the year, taking on an almost luminous quality on bright sunny days.

Bringing art that you resonate with into your space, really has a healing and uplifting effect, people often underestimate how much of an impact it has.

Many people aren’t confident buying art though, feedback I’ve had, is they don’t know where to begin, or they’ve had less than helpful experiences with galleries.  This is where I come in!

I want to break down the barriers between artists and customers…

This guide explains my original art, who I work with, and a few tips on how to choose art when you don’t have a clue what would work.

Different ways you can work with me…

The beauty of working with creatives, is we are adaptable… I’ve worked with individuals, interior designers, private clubs and professional artists… I love getting my teeth into unusual projects!

I’ve helped people over video and in person, on a wide variety of projects…

You can sit down with your laptop and favourite tipple, and choose your perfect pieces directly from my website…  then just sit back and wait for your beautifully packaged piece(s) to arrive.

I always use the best quality materials, I include a Certificate of Authenticity with all of my work, with care instructions, so you can be confident you are buying quality art, and will know how to look after it for years to come.

I want your art to be an experience you LOVE.  The process, the selection, the delivery, the unwrapping.   The memory of that every time you look at a piece.

Why would you buy original art?

Why would you buy my original art…?  Firstly, all of my art is created with beeswax.  Bees are said to be a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity… so, I like to think some of those attributes shine through in my work!

I have testimonials from people saying how much they love the art they bought, often years later they comment saying how much they still love their piece(s).

Otherwise, apart from the obvious, to make your room look nice, I’ve had a few lovely sales, where the reason for buying has filled me with joy, let alone the collector!

  • There have been surprise gifts…. I love hatching plans for secret surprises…!
  • One lady wanted to celebrate a win in her business, and chose my art as permanent reminder, a great alternative to champagne, or a meal out.
  • Individuals have purchased their first original pieces of art, and subsequently taken their first steps into the world of art collecting… they tell me their pieces make them feel so great… I LOVE helping them with that!
  • I did a commission for a lady who wanted to celebrate a milestone birthday, incorporating items that were sentimental to her.
  • I created a memory piece, using pressed flowers from a wedding bouquet.
  • Another piece using numbers and symbols from a numerology reading.

There are so many reasons, from birthdays, to Christmas, to just because you want to!

You can view and buy my latest work here, I also work to commission which you can read about here, simply get in touch and start the conversation.

Have a blank wall…?  You know it needs ‘something’… but NO IDEA what…!

Some people instantly know what style of art will work where… Not all people have that clarity though….

You want your room to look amazing… but a bit clueless on how to go about it…?

Here are a few tips and scenarios I’ve experienced and worked through with people, which have helped us to find art sizes and colours that works…

Think about what the room is for.

Do you want it to be lively and uplifting, or is it a zen, come home and relax at the end of the day kind of room?   That will be a factor when choosing your art to match that vibe.

You might not want a large vibrant red energetic piece in your zen, chill out room!

Look at the size of your wall…

Visualize what sort of shape would fit well, whilst leaving a nice amount of space around the piece(s)

> Would one large statement piece work, or a series of smaller items collected together?

> Landscape?  Portrait…?   Square?

> Traditional or Contemporary…?

Could you ‘borrow’ other paintings and objects around the house and hold them up in position, just to see if the size works… or even blu-tac some paper in place to get a feel for the size. (Pages from magazines, newspaper, greaseproof paper… see what you’ve got… you’re just trying to get a feel for shape and size that works right now.)

Think about some colours.

Look at what you have in the room, and no… art doesn’t have to match the curtains…!

Always go with art you LOVE!

There are a couple of Apps and websites that I’ve found helpful, especially if you’re having a redecoration.  The Dulux Visualiser App allows you to take a photograph of your room, with existing furniture and see in situ what colours would look like.

I also love this Colour Calculator, it helps you to see which colours work together, and why, it’s really useful.   Just select your room, sofa or accent colour, then go through the different colour harmonies.  Tweak, adjust and find colour schemes you love.

If you’re not a tech fan, simply hold colours of scarves and cushions up against your walls, see how they work together.

At this stage you’re just finding colours that work in the room.  Once you’ve found some colours and sizes that work with your scheme, you can start to look for suitable art with those colour accents.

These are just a few tips to get your started.   As I say, the main choice when buying art should be ‘DO I LOVE IT…?!’   You’ll never go far wrong then…!

I’m here ready to help, have a browse around my site, check out my Frequently Asked Questions page, or get in touch, and I’ll do my best to fit you up with some new encaustic art that you LOVE.

Art is a reflection of you, make it a great one.

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