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I’ve discovered mindset is a huge part of success, or failure.

In the words of Henry Ford… “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t… You’re right.”

I’ve often had interesting discussions over the books I’ve read… so I’ve pulled a list together of some of my favourites, and how they came to me at the times they did.

Firstly… a snippet of where it all began, then you’ll see the full reading list below…


My eldest son is a golfer, he’s extremely talented at it, and, as Mums do… I was going to help him be the best he could be!

He was in the County Golf team, and they brought in a Sports Psychologist, Gary Le Boff, to have a chat to the team, which the parents were asked to attend.

I bought Gary’s book, Dare.  Take Your Life On and Win and off I went, thinking it was going to give me all the steps I needed to help my son achieve his golfing goals!

Erm… wrong!

That book kind of changed my life… It was the first of a series of steps, and serendipitous happenings….

I’d started remembering my own dreams, and was finding myself compelled to take action on them….


Before that point, I didn’t even know what Mindset was.  It’s not something that’s taught in any school I’ve been to!

At that same time, I was introduced to Melanie Moore at a local networking group.

She introduced me to a whole new world of discovery…  She told me all about tapping, mindset, LOA, meditation…

Periscope had just come out, full of people with a similar ethos, and an entire new world opened before me.

It was quite incredible…

From this point on, here are some of the reads I started out with….  (Apologies, the formatting has gone a bit weird and spacey, but I’ll come back and sort this another time!)


The Secret.  If you’re totally new to all of this, this is a great starting point, (although I know amongst some experts it’s controversial).  Quotes, stories from many of the big names across this field.  It’s also available on YouTube as a film… I watched that first, light bulbs went off, and got the book later.


Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.   Says it all in the title really.   It’s been a while since I’ve read it, and must go back to it, it got me through those terrifying steps in the early days.


The Artists Way.   Brilliant book that a friend gifted to me, and I have to confess, I haven’t made it all the way through to the end.  (Consistency can be an issue for many people, see the book below!) There are a few revisions of it available that I can see on Amazon, this one is the closest that resembles my copy.


The Big Leap.  A must read, although I did struggle with it at the start, I guess you hear things when you’re ready.  Do you find things are going really well, then you get a curveball and get thrown off track?  This book explains ULP’s (Upper Limit Problems) and your body’s comfort thermostat.  It also covers the topic of ‘Einstein Time’… get more done, in less time…  I must read it again, I certainly haven’t mastered it all yet!!


Denise Duffield Thomas.  I joined DDT’s Money Bootcamp in 2016, which I got as a bonus when joining Marie Forleo’s B-School.   It has been one of the best groups on the internet to be a part of, and one of the groups I continually go back to.   I have read all three of these books, and found them all to be highly valuable.  She’s light, funny, down to earth, and I love her Aussie accent on the Audible versions too!


Jen Sincero.   I didn’t know much about this lady, other than I kept seeing her name come up in one of the groups I’m in.    I had some audible credits, so thought I’d listen in and give it a go.  I was totally hooked, and lost count how many times I’ve re-listened to them.    I have these three books on Audible, and intend to buy the ones I don’t have.   (If you like prim and proper, then she’s probably not for you, if, like me, you’re a bit more ‘real life’… then you might find her totally refreshing!)

A few key things keep coming up regularly, one of them being decluttering; tidy house, clear mind and everything flows from there.   I get totally overwhelmed when I have too much ‘stuff’ (physical and mental) going on, and I highly recommend these books.

Karen Kingston.  Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui.   Loads of ah ha’s in here, I bought it on Kindle originally, then bought it again as a book, so I can drip feed occasional pages to my boys! 😉

Marie Kondo.  The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying.   (I binge watched a series she did on Netflix a while back, I loved it, especially the clothes folding, which being a person who hates doing laundry, is quite something!)

Spark Joy.  I haven’t read this book, but ‘Spark Joy’ was the concept of the Netflix series I loved.

Patricia Lohan. The Happy Home.  This is a book written by a lady in Denise DT’s Money Bootcamp community… I implemented some of her feng shui tips, and had very interesting results, if you read it, have a look out for my testimonial…!


A few of the classics…. I’ll be honest, I had some resistance to these, I’m not sure why… I have some on Audible, some in book form, different ones have been what I needed to hear at different times.

Napoleon Hill.  I have Outwitting the Devil on Audible, written in 1938, but not published until years later, as it was deemed too controversial for its time.  My eyes were wide open, and mouth agog a number of times at the familiarity in places!   I must have another listen, I think it’s one of those books you want to read / listen to a number of times.    Think and Grow Rich is good, I have it in book form, and I found much slower going for me, but I’d still recommend it.

T Harv Eker.   Another classic I’ll often have on Audible repeat, because I need constant reminding!

Robert T. Kiyosaki  Rich Dad Poor Dad.


Onto finance… This is an area I plan to look at more going forward…

Mike Michalowicz. Profit First.  A concept I’d never heard of, paying yourself first?!  Surely you should make sure everyone is sorted out, then if there’s anything left for you that’s a bonus right?!! 😉   I started implementing a simplified version of this strategy, and it was working really nicely.  Queue ULP’s (See the Big Leap above) plus, a chaotic house renovation project, and it fell to the way side, I will go back and have another look.

Ann Wilson.  The Wealth Chef.  I loved this book, so easy to read, and helped me demystify some of the finance stuff that we really should be taught as a matter of course.  If you find finance, and planning for future financial needs a complete mystery, this is a must read.


I will always have my nose in a book… I don’t always agree with everything I read, but as long as I can take a few great tips away AND implement them, I always think that’s a good thing….

So, next up on the reading list are:

What are your favourite way to read? Book, Kindle or Audiobooks?
Also your most unmissable mindset reads?    I might add them to my list!


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases on some of these items, but I assure you, I only ever recommend things I love and that I think might also help others.

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