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Online Facebook Live workshop….

This blog shares a video series I ran in December 2019.

You can watch the Day One video and check the blog and my current online workshop options out below…


DAY ONE:  Making Christmas Cards with stamps, and wax and an iron… it’s easy, ANYONE can do this, especially people who claim they can’t draw a straight line!! 😉

(Excuse the quality of the video, it’s from a rough and ready Facebook Live, (cause that’s how we roll!) but the content is there, and things stabilise once my phone is in the holder and we get into the workshop!)


DAY TWO: We talk a little bit about the differences of Arts Encaustic Waxes, versus R&F Style Wax and Dammar based encaustics.   Do a little more iron work, then we introduce the stylus.


DAY THREE: Explaining a little more the differences between Arts Encaustic versus Wax and Dammar types of wax. Different stylus attachments.   We make another style of greetings card.  Then talk about who this kind of wax painting is for (clue… ANYBODY who’s old enough and safe to operate a heated tool!).   It is so therapeutic, and I share some stories around that.


DAY FOUR:  Using the iron as a mini hotplate. Talking about the heat thermometer and how to adjust that.   Different tools and ways to apply and manipulate the wax.  So satisfying to watch, even more so to actually apply it!


DAY FIVE: More iron hotplate work, mixing colours.  Different ways to edge your encaustic pictures to create interesting designs.    How I can help you if you want to take this encaustic wax workshop further.


If you learnt a lot from this content, there is a whole lot more inside my other online courses…  This is really is scratching the top of the surface of what we will cover!

I’ve spent many hours and years learning these encaustic skills…. I’ve consolidated that learning into these easy to follow step by step videos and on online courses to shortcut and help you get the most out of this beautiful medium…





I referred to a couple of blogs and peoples stories, so I attach them here… I hope they inspire you…


My Father-In-Law’s Story…

Art Therapy at any age – one man’s story


A reminder not to take things for granted, to go and do what you love to do… whether that’s encaustic waxing, playing the trombone, or repairing cars… don’t assume you can do it tomorrow.

A Year Ago Today, and I was left wondering if I’d ever paint again….


Isabelle and Ava’s story… (I hope the whole thread has copied across, not just one picture) Scroll through and read the comments, you will see their winning pictures from the school competition…

These two young ladies caught the encaustic bug years ago, and have been on workshops and worked through my ‘paint with an iron’ online course at home. They encapsulate everything that’s fantastic about encaustic… and this first photograph just sums up exactly what I see during my in person workshops… pure joy!

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