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A quick line today to tell you about lots of exciting things that are in the encaustic wax pipeline!

Much like buses, there can be very little to report, but then lots of things happen at the same time!


So first up, I was interviewed by Steve Brooks of Wacky Lamps on his regular Sunday show over on Instagram this week.   If you’re on Instagram check out Steve’s page here, and watch the replay, he makes the most incredible lamps from pipework and unusual objects, I’ve seen them in person, and they are truly spectacular!   We had a really great chat, do catch the replay…

(Here’s the direct link, now uploaded onto YouTube)


Next up, I was interviewed by Sammy Hexter Andrews over on The Bloomz Arthouse Instagram page on, Tuesday 1st Feb, at 11 am, again talking all things encaustic.

(Again, here’s the direct link, now uploaded onto YouTube – we had some sound issues during the interview, so apologies for the quality in places, it’s a lovely interview nonetheless.)


I am The Bloomz Arthouse ‘Featured Artist of the Month’ during February, and will be taking over their  Facebook and Instagram pages for the month.    Stephanie Lester was January’s artist of the month, and has set the bar very high!

I will be sharing lots of behind-the-scenes information around my encaustic work, sharing art, doing live videos, and a host of other shares, so look out for those, and do follow and like the pages.


Next on the list, is I’m being featured by R&F Waxes on a series of blogs profiling International Encaustic tutors in the UK & Europe, which is really exciting, it will share my work with a much larger audience, and really help to raise the profile of wax in the UK.  I love their website, it’s always full of inspirational content, and constantly being updated with informative info.


Phew…. and we’re not finished yet!   I said it was like buses…..!


I am also going to be a featured artist in The Society of all Artist’s Magazine ‘Paint’, doing a spotlight on my journey as an encaustic artist… I am so excited by this one, I’ve been reading The SAA’s Paint magazine since I started my art journey, so it will be a dream to be a part of this!


So… I’ve if been a bit quiet recently, that’s why, a lot going on behind the scenes!!

It’s going to be so great to really help raise the profile of wax painting over here in the UK, which is finally becoming more readily available, and mainstream.


I’ll finish up by reminding everyone that my art prices are increasing during February, so if you’ve had your eye on any pieces, now would be a good time to get them!    I’m really happy to discuss payment plans at my existing prices, so get in touch if you would like to set one up, just message me: julie@artyheaven.com and let me know which pieces you want on a payment plan.  Go here to view my art  (or message me if you’ve spotted one that you can’t find on my website!)

Anyhow, that’s more than enough for now, so until next time, keep smiling, keep waxing, and keep happy!

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