Get Inspired With Encaustic Wax… From Blank Canvas to Creative Queen!

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I was so grateful to have received The Binnie Birstein Scholarship to attend The Encaustic Conference earlier this month, this is a way of giving back, and sharing some of that infectious inspiration I picked up whilst I was out there!

I’m also hosting a new class on different platform, (Telegram), my testing has been seamless, but this is a first outing, so the price reflects that.   As I refine, and road test the delivery, the price will double and then again thereafter.

I’m quite new to Telegram, but I’ve been using it with my coaches, and I’m loving it!  You don’t need to be online at a certain time of day, or sitting down for hours at a time to watch videos… it’s short, sharp, inspiring snippets and bursts of inspiration.

You can use it on your phone/tablet, or desktop, it’s really easy and simple to use.   A little bit like WhatsApp, but better!

Here’s what’s been loaded so far… You can sift and search information easily to locate what you’re looking for…


I have created two groups, one for high heat encaustic, and another for low heat encaustic, they’re quite different in technique, although many of the skills do transfer between the two styles.

The groups are for people who are familiar with encaustic painting… (that said, if you’re a quick learner, I do have some beginners resources in each of the groups, and can point you in direction of more resources.)

I hadn’t realised how uninspired I’d become after lockdown, it wasn’t until I was out mixing with people again, that I realised that I need that interaction with people, bouncing of ideas, fun, laughter, inspiring images and conversations… (with people that understand what encaustic is!!)  Since closing my studio, I haven’t had that in my life, and it was showing…. drawers full of materials, that I wasn’t using fully…

My intention is that we look at materials we have, and utilise them with encaustic.  It’s interactive, fun, and designed to spark ideas and imagination.

There are no set times, and trainings are added throughout the week. Some content is already in the group, so start reviewing and implementing straight away…


For the High Heat Group – You will need:

– encaustic medium, or beeswax

– natural hair brushes

– something to heat wax in / on (don’t use food utensils, I can give guidance)

– heat gun, embossing tool, or blow torch

– a sense of humour

– a desire to allow yourself to create and play!



For the Low Heat Group – You will need:

– craft iron

– stylus (optional)

– encaustic paper

– encaustic wax

– a sense of adventure

– a promise to bust that belief that you can’t draw a straight line!

You can find materials here.

I really hope you’ll come and join in with one or both of these friendly groups, as more content is released, that’s when the prices double… so jump in and get inspired.


SO excited for this!!!

See you inside!

Julie. x

Here are a few images from the group… click the links above, and join the conversation…


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