The 15th Encaustic Conference – My Experience!

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After sooo many years of watching The Encaustic Conference and the pre- and post- workshops every year from afar, it was such a joy to finally attend and experience it all first hand….

I am also SOOOO grateful for The Binnie Birstein Scholarship I was awarded which facilitated my experience.

After much question as to whether I could make it out there this year, (due to possible house moving etc) at the end of May 2022, I got on a last minute flight and headed for Boston!


I always recall being desperate to gleen peoples experiences of the conference, and loved seeing peoples photos etc. so I decided to go live every day to talk about my experience, in my Waxy Art & Inspiration Facebook group, then created this blog, for people who don’t do Facebook, sharing how I found my time away, and my top tips… which I hope might also help others considering going in the future.

I decided there was way too much to fit into one video, so I broke them down into smaller segments, and added a few photographs into the mix too…


Overview of the conference & how it all came about…  (I think there were around 160 people there… ‘hundreds’ might be a bit of an over exaggeration!! 😉   It certainly felt like hundreds in my excitement anyway!!)







A bit more about the conference and my two day workshop with R&F founder Richard Frumess, exploring how colours really work…



The vendor room is amazing…  Watch this video as I fire the hotplate up and play with my new goodies!


Transatlantic Fusion Project, Exhibition and Presentation…


If you would like to know more, here’s my blog going into more detail about the project….

Transatlantic Fusion

The Scholarship Postcard Sale and Sunday Morning Encaustic Art Exhibition…

Scholarship Postcard Sale… Doors opened on Saturday afternoon, I love my two purchases from Hilary Hanson Bruel, and Pamela Doris Dejong.

Exhibiting in our rooms at the Sunday morning Encaustic Exhibition… representing Ireland and the UK… Encaustic artists; Anne Curran (Ireland), Isabelle Gaborit (Ireland) and myself (UK)…!   So good to see their work having admired it online for so long.  Plus a host of other artists setting up and exhibiting in the hotel lobby!

I was buzzing to see so much encaustic art, and artists with equal passion, collectively in one place, it was SO inspiring! 😀



What’s next…?  There is one final wrap up video below, I will also continue to go live as I put my learning into practice in my Facebook group so follow along there, or catch up later on my YouTube channel

I’ve created something totally new on Telegram…

Get Inspired!

From Blank Canvas to Creative Queen

An inspiration group using encaustic & mixed media taking you from creatively stuck to bursting with ideas. 


This is literally out of the gate, I’ve been testing the videos and image functionality, and it’s GOOD! 😀

My intention is that we look at materials we have, and utilise them with encaustic.  It’s interactive, fun, and designed to spark ideas and imagination.

There’s no fancy sales page, no bells and whistles, and I’m putting it on pre-sale today at £22…!  The price will go up as I refine it and add more information.

I’m quite new to Telegram, but I’ve been using it with my coach, and I’m loving it!  You don’t need to be online at a certain time of day, or sitting down for hours at a time to watch videos… it’s short, sharp, inspiring snippets and bursts of inspiration.   You can use it on your phone/tablet, or desktop, it’s so easy and simple to use.   A little bit like WhatsApp, but better!

It’s for people who are familiar with encaustic painting, and fusing and layering wax… (that said, if you’re a quick learner, I do have some beginners resources in there, and can point you in direction of more resources.)

Jump on now whilst it’s at this no brainer price…!  Payment link is here.


Here’s my final wrap up video from my conference updates, including a demo using Encaustiflex, and more about my Telegram group experience…

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along, please do let me know!

Julie. x

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