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Do you intend to be creating more?  You keep looking at all the kit, but you just can’t get motivated, or get overwhelmed…?

Maybe you love wax, but you’re exasperated by all the blank stares when you speak to other people about it… “You paint with WHAT…?!!!”

You’re not alone!

This is exactly why I created these monthly encaustic video calls.   An opportunity to share inspiration, and information, around all kinds of hot wax encaustic painting.

Facebook groups, and YouTube are great information tools, and I love them, but for me, actually being able to speak to someone, live on a call is so helpful, motivating and inspiring.

We held our first one in January, and I loved it!

A few people couldn’t join live, so sent their questions in ahead of time.  We had one lady join live, where we answered questions, and did live demos there and then.

Here’s the link to the replay, I hope you enjoy it, and find it helpful.

I won’t be sharing these calls publicly in the future, but wanted to share this first one to give you a flavour of how they run, and to see if they’re what you’ve been looking for to get inspired.  (Plus I have permission from Shelley, who joined live!)
Over time, I suspect they will grow into sub groups of more experienced artists, versus total beginners, and I have all sorts of ideas on how we can expand this.  But, for now, for these first three trial calls, in January, February and March 2020, I’m going to stick with the ‘keep it simple’ approach!
Want to join us for February and March’s call?   Click here for more information on how to join.


Here are the links I mention during the call for you to access if you wish to investigate more….


Facebook Group….  Feel free to post any photos of your wax creations, or questions in here and be sure to tag me.


My YouTube Channel:

*Remember to subscribe to my channel whilst you’re there!


Link to Fayum Mummy Panels, and my time at The Ashmolean Museum:


Museum of Encaustic Art:  “Encaustic is arguably the fastest growing art medium in the world!”  Yay!


14th Encaustic Conference:


I hope you’ve found this enjoyable, if so, please share, and come and join us for our next calls in February and March.

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