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Back in December 2019, I was interviewed on Radio Dacorum during their regular Wednesday 7-9pm ‘Dacorum Live Arts’ Slot.

Well, as we all know, covid hit soon after that, and as of May 2021 they are still not allowed more than one person into the recording studio… so… interviews are being repeated… my interview is on the playout for this Wed, May 26th at 7.00pm. Listen in live on Radio Dacorum on the 26th at 7pm, or tune in at any time on the links below… Enjoy!

Leslie is a natural at putting you at ease, and for leading a really interesting interview… Have a listen and see what you think.

(Also, please keep scrolling down to read the remainder of the blog, there’s a big area of white space I can’t seem to remove without removing the interviews!)

We covered all sorts; from origins of encaustic… how you can paint with wax… who it’s for…. online courses… art mentors…. portraits….  intuitive art… and of course a few of my favourite songs!

If you’d like to check out the online courses discussed during the interview, you can do that here.


Quaker Laura Redman joined us towards the end of the interview.  I stayed on for the second hour of the radio show as well, so the interviews flowed into each other, it was extremely interesting, and I learnt a lot.  I didn’t know much about Quakerism, if that’s of interest, you can find more information here.

Listen in to Laura’s interview here:

I’d intended to get the Encaustic Conference information in, as I’d just received the scholarship a few days before, but time simply ran out, too many fascinating topics for one show!

Hope you enjoy!

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